Connexxion is a Microsoft Gold Partner and a niche solution provider for MS SharePoint, focusing on extending the capabilities of Microsoft’s SharePoint platform to address business requirements. We develop innovative solutions on SharePoint to enable businesses with new capability and provide them with the competitive advantage.

Whether your organisation has an existing investment in SharePoint or you are looking to invest in a solution platform that provides a secure place to store, organise, share and access information from almost any device then we can assist you to realise greater value in your investment.

Connexxion SharePoint consultants can draw on their experience with other solutions to develop the best value focused design to meet your needs. Our consultants have over 10 years experience in designing, developing, training, upgrading, maintaining and auditing MS SharePoint solutions in both the private and public sectors.


Connexxion understands the issues that come with working with a solution platform that has extensive ‘configuration’ and ‘customisation’ capabilities such as SharePoint. It provides the foundation for core features for web site content management, document management, user portals, collaboration and integration with a range of other office products, and yet many organisations get it wrong from the get go due to poor business definition and a lack of a sound governance model.

At Connexxion we believe in getting it right the first time and take the time to document a solid development and implementation plan that is aligned to your business needs. We start you off small and grow the solution to meet your needs as functionality and cost drivers dictate.

Connexxion’s SharePoint consultants can draw on their experience with other solutions to help develop the best value focused design to meet your needs. Our extensive expertise has been gained over a decade of designing, developing, training, upgrading, maintaining and auditing MS SharePoint solutions in both the private and public sectors.

Where Organisations Go Wrong

SharePoint is the business collaboration platform for the enterprise and the internet; however it is often implemented as a tool with limited focus on requirements, design and return on investment. In addition, because it can perform many functions it is often over extended and becomes a costly maintenance issue for your business.

This is a common problem and Connexxion believes that SharePoint is a high value product provided you use it for the right reasons and understand the value of the features you implement.

"Just because you can do something with SharePoint, doesn’t mean you should"

The out of the box features of SharePoint allow users to quickly establish new sites, document libraries and other collaboration tools but the design of the information content is often overlooked. This starts to create a ‘dumping ground’ for information and documents with limited quality controls or planning. Over time the ability to control the currency and accessibility of the content becomes a problem.

Connexxion ensures the information architecture is effectively planned and appropriate controls are in place to reduce this type of problem.

Reference Projects

Connexxion's Business Consultants have successfully delivered the following projects:

  • Federal Government – Connexxion was engaged to provide the organisation with an ICT strategy for the implementation of a SharePoint solution, including hardware and software requirements. Connexxion provided costed options for both internal and external hosting with the resultant outcome that the organisation selected a service provider to externally host the solution at a significantly reduced cost when compared to the internal option. Levels of access and control were retained while adhering to the organisation’s security policies. Connexxion was also engaged by the organisation to develop and implement a disaster recovery plan. This was achieved through the use of our SharePoint consultancy team who established a disaster recovery site located in Melbourne to host the organisations PSIMS, Aluminium tech and HTML Web Sites and align them with the production environments located at the hosting provider in Sydney.

    The SharePoint consultancy team were further engaged by the department to design an entirely new Ministers Web Site, complete the Ministers e-mail update functions and support the solution after production release. This project was required to rectify the problems associated with a previous failed implementation by an independent SharePoint vendor. Connexxion achieved the project outcomes and enabled the Minister to meet his constituent communication requirements at a critical pre-election time.

  • Registered Training and accreditation Organisation (RTO) – The organisation is responsible for setting standards and accrediting both nurses and midwives. Due to a continuous increase in demand for its services, the organisation needed to focus on increasing efficiency and productivity without growing staffing effort. Connexxion implemented a solution utilising SharePoint 2010, SQL Server 2010 database and Microsoft. Net interfaces. The web interface also included a portal to allow collaboration with external team members whilst complying with the organisation’s security requirements. The range of services Connexion provided included data migration, training subject matter experts, creating documentation and resolving data quality issues associated with legacy data.

  • Defence - Providing the war fighter with the timely, appropriate tools and equipment to win is a key objective of the Australian Defence Organisation. By working closely with Defence teams to understand the required levels of tracking, reporting and forecasting, a standards based solution was developed. The solution provided a consolidated information base, an internal / external customer portal, audit trail and opportunity to trap lessons learned for continuous improvement. By providing clear reporting and executive dashboards the ability for all parties to have one clear, consistent awareness further assist the overall goal of supporting the war fighter.

  • Not For Profit - Connexxion have worked with a large NFP organisation to fully redesign and implement their internal SharePoint solution within a matter of weeks. The organisation chose to partner with Connexxion as a direct result of both our proven experience elsewhere and because they recognised the strategic advice which our team could provide would ensure their solution was both designed using best practice functionality and would enable the organisation to evolve without the need for future system changes.

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