Mobile Applications

At Connexxion we believe in developing mobile applications that are fast to market and what we term as throw away, lightweight, robust applications where the investment is low and yet the business benefits are large.

Native Applications

Connexxion provides customers with native specific mobile applications to deliver business efficiencies or general lifecycle applications. So whether you need a specific application for the iPhone/iPad, Android or Windows, Connexxion can take you on the journey from design to posting it in the applications store. Our consultants will work with your to ensure the most appropriate solution is designed for you to achieve the best value for your organisation.

Commercial Grade

Connexxion's commercial grade mobile applications connect organisations resources to the core of the business via a mobile device. Workers can spend less time in the office and more time in the field completing essential tasks, while keeping business systems up to date regardless of location.

Mobile Workforce

Organisational mobility is about flexibility, providing easy access to information and processes to employees wherever they are located. It involves the integration of mobile devices to deliver productivity enhancing information to workers in the field.

A mobile data solution connects organisational resources to the core of the business via a mobile device. Workers can spend less time in the office and more time in the field completing essential tasks, whilst keeping business systems up to date, regardless of location.

Workers in the field can automatically and instantly update core business information systems with task progress information, thereby reducing administration and paperwork. Instant updates are achieved through real time GPRS, GSM or wireless LAN solutions.

Mobile Sociable

Ensuring your web site is ‘Mobile Sociable’ is the first step in enabling your clients to interact with your business through mobile devices.

If your site does not re-size to different screen layouts or load over slower speed connections then your clients may go elsewhere.

Mobile Sociable means ensuring that your web site technology is able to support basic mobile device access and is capable of supporting your business into the future. Connexxion has the resources and experience to help you get there.

Our experienced team will review your support for disabled users (WCAG 2.0 compliance) and redevelop your web site to ensure you are compliant.

The Connexxion technical team will work with your team to develop a mobility plan and then advise and assist them to update your site while providing knowledge transfer so you can be self-sufficient.

Mobile Development

Connexxion mobile applications are made from scratch using nothing but the best strategy, design and technical ingredients.

Mobile Strategy

We take your ideas and through our experience help you to achieve your project's objectives.

Mobile UI / UX Design

Our designers will create the ultimate experience for your users by carefully crafting each element in the mobile design.

Mobile Application Development

Our developers will shape your application to your specific ideas so you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Server Backend Development

Our architects ensure your application is running on the best back end.


Our project managers ensure that the process of submitting your application to the different stores is taken care of.

Continuous Support

Our support team ensures your application is always available and works with you to continue to improve it.

For more information about how we can work with you to achieve your business goals, please Contact Us.