Estate Management

Total Estate Management requires the management of a combination of Infrastructure (land, buildings and infrastructure), Plant and Equipment/ Assets (fixed, mobile and administrative), Humans (occupancy, personnel services and administration), Information Technology (IT assets, IT infrastructure and configuration management), Works Management (planned and reactive) and Environmental Services.

In order for organisations to meet their responsibility for total estate management in both an efficient and effective manner, they require a thorough understanding of the entire range of services and the resources required to meet the organisation's needs and a system to complement the business, not drive it. Computer Aided Facilities Management Systems (CAFM) ensure you stay on time and on budget, driving significant cost savings that translate to long-term profitability.

Connexxion has been providing Estate Management capability to both the public and private sectors for over a decade. Our estate management systems provide organisations with the ability to manage the entire lifecycle of their asset base from acquisition/ construction through to retirement/ disposal.

Reference Projects

Connexxion's experience with Estate Management includes:

  • Defence – The department manages the facilities operations, garrison services and capital development of a property portfolio valued in excess of $20 billion. They maintain environmental stewardship of over 3 million hectares of land and more than 700 leased or owned properties containing over 25,000 built assets. Connexxion designed and developed an estate management system from the ground up to manage the entire estate including alignment with contract, procurement and financial regulations and building legislation. The implementation of the system in 2000 saw an immediate impact on expenditure control as it closed the gaps that existed with duplicate invoicing, failure of service providers to meet their KPI’s and work being carried out on assets earmarked for disposal.

    Connexxion has worked closely with Defence over the last 14 years to extend the capability of the system to the point where it now manages over $1billion in facilities operations, garrison services and capital expenditure annually. Developed using Microsoft technologies, the estate management system is accessed Australia wide by internal Defence staff and external contractors. Connexxion continues to support and improve the system through a central service desk located within Australia. This has included ongoing training and continuous service improvements to ensure system users have a thorough understanding of both the business and system processes needed to manage their estate in an efficient and effective manner.

  • Aged Care - This organisation operates from a vast portfolio of properties across Queensland and northern New South Wales. Concept Evolution™ underpins a strategic asset management plan, to centralise helpdesk operations, maintenance, contractor and asset management.

  • Property Sector – A global property management organisation engaged Connexxion to implement Concept Evolution™ to manage its APAC region. The solution provides a single view of the entire portfolio while allowing each country to operate as an individual business unit. The end state solution will provide the organisation with a truly mobile capable work force.

  • Aged Care - Connexxion implemented Concept Evolution™ for an organisation which uses a rich set of functionality within the solution. This functionality includes helpdesk, asset management, FSI GO mobile and integration with incumbent systems across some 1650 independent living units, 17 Community Services Centres as well as its corporate/administrative offices.

  • Entertainment venue - Connexxion provided a Facilities Booking function that caters for the capturing of Event related information against bookable spaces within this organisation using Concept Evolution™. Related functionality provided in the solution included visitor management, inventory management and catering management. The single repository facilitates comprehensive and flexible data retrievable in many report formats to provide the basis for more informed management decisions and strategic policy choices aimed at improved efficiencies, customer satisfaction and cost reductions in service provision.