Commodities Management

Connexxion is assisting primary producers and growers to improve the efficiency and profitability of their operations through cost effective commodity management and tracking.

We believe that by using technology to build local and international food supply chains that we will help Australian producers to get a fair price, create local jobs and connect communities to affordable healthy food.

The Solution

AgriTrace is an Australian designed and developed solution made specifically for the Australian agricultural sector. It combines commodity management with food supply chain visibility and real-time traceability from paddock-to-plate. Overlay this with a framework that allows organisations to link up and share information on what they have, when it is available and at what price and you have a collaborative business engagement model.

The cloud based solution can be accessed from any browser or mobile device and brings buyers and sellers together in a global on-line marketplace.

AgriTrace is a complete solution made up of ground-breaking modules that provide greater independence, stronger governance and increased quality assurance in the management of commodities.

Connection Growers

AgriTrace gives growers and aggregators a competitive edge by providing visibility of the entire food value chain. AgriTrace is designed to provide unprecedented transparency throughout the total lifecycle of a product.

By increasing the efficiency of contracts, pricing, records and commodity handling, AgriTrace assists growers and aggregators to make more informed decisions. Aggregators have visibility of how much stock is available or becoming available from their growers through the AgriTrace Dashboard. AgriTrace provides growers and aggregators with access to a data repository of commodities information that can be used to drive change and improve the market sector.

Just in time delivery capability will reduce produce wastage which can then be converted into profits for everyone in the network and lower the overall cost to the buyer.

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