Connexxion consultants will work with you to develop effective training solutions for your organisation. Our training services are aligned with the objectives and principles outlined in the Australian Quality Framework (AQF).

Connexxion has an experienced training team who deliver training on a diverse range of systems and platforms. Our approach is to structure the training to maximise the delivery, reduce costs and improve productivity. This is done through streamlining our delivery model so that it is not dependant on face to face training. Areas in which we deliver training include:

  • Group training - This targets large groups to maximise knowledge sharing and technology understanding amongst staff. Scenario workshops work best in these groups where real examples are worked through with the group to help them visualise and understand how the learnings are related to their working environment.
  • One to one and face to face - Connexxion provides individual and face to face training where it is not possible to perform group training.
  • Client site or training facility - We are adaptable in our training location delivery and can work equally as well in environments which are client sites or within external training facilities to meet the client's needs.
  • Remote training through virtual technologies - Sometimes it is not possible to provide face to face training due to a need for cost savings, lack of availability of resources or the need for training at short notice. Remote training leverages off current industry technologies which facilitate and allow remote and sharing of workstations to deliver personal training.
  • E-learning and training manuals - Where repetitive training takes place and large volumes of targeted audiences are involved, it is best to develop and release e-learning training, which is tailored to the client's needs. This allows an individual to take the training at their convenience and repeat the training as many times as possible.
  • Documentation services - These can be provided for business applications, as on-line help, interactive demos, quick reference cards, release documents and user guides.

Training Methodology

Connexxion utilises a proven course design and development methodology to provide the training. The stages of our standard training lifecycle are as follows:


  • Clarify target audience
  • Identify skills and knowledge gaps
  • Identify training needs
  • Clarify training requirements
  • Develop learning outcomes


  • Confirm training needs
  • Analyse target audience needs
  • Design course sessions
  • Develop training plan


  • Gather required source material and reference documents
  • Develop required training material
  • Organise and conduct internal presentation of course
  • Review and amend the course as required


  • Organise and deliver the training as per the agreed schedule


  • Evaluate the training using Kirkpatrick's four stage model of evaluation

For more information about how we can work with you to achieve your training needs, please Contact Us.