Technology Consultants

Connexxion's Consultancy Services team has a strong reputation for integrity and transparency in business. We pride ourselves on being innovative thinkers and working as team players in our clients' business environment. Connexxion has a strong history of achieving positive outcomes through our contractor placement service.

Connexxion's Technology Consultants are highly productive individuals with excellent communication skills. They work alongside your team to resolve your challenges, including streamlining business processes, reducing operational costs, implementing corporate systems, migrating from a legacy system, or other critical business scenarios.

Areas of Expertise

Our Technology Consultancy areas of expertise include:

  • Program Managers
  • ​Systems Analysts
  • System/Enterprise Architects
  • ​Testers
  • Help Desk Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • ​Software Engineers
  • System Engineers​
  • ​Technical Writers
  • ​Data Warehouse Specialists
  • Business Analysts
  • Solution Architects
  • Software Developers
  • Trainers
  • Business Intelligence Specialists

Reference Projects

Projects our technology consultants have successfully delivered include:

  • Government - Connexxion was engaged to provide a SharePoint Specialist to undertake a technical design, development and integration of the Microsoft Unified Access Gateway (UAG) with the existing Extranet and User Management solution. The deliverables we provided under this consultancy included: Complete a rapid review of the technical architecture and design of the Extranet solution; Develop and implement the UAG solution on the agency's test environment; Complete integration testing, including integration of UAG with the agency's Edge device and existing SharePoint 2007 and Bamboo solution; Update the existing SharePoint Environment Security Hardening Report (currently based on Microsoft best-practice guidance) with information pertinent to the UAG solution; and Support User Acceptance Testing and production implementation of the solution.
  • Federal Government - (Requirements Definition) Connexxion was required to document the requirements required to support the Freedom of Information (FOI) Case Management System within the agency. The scope of the project was to review the existing FOI requirement documents, existing reports and the working knowledge of key agency staff to capture requirements. The review captured the current scope through a Business Context diagram and supporting process maps with the resultant business object model describing the information object relationships.
  • Defence - Working as a specialist team with the Defence Department, Connexxion was required to verify and validate the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisations BMS, including system coding and the day-today operation of the system. The detailed evaluation of the current system was to also identify recommendations and costed options for improving the system. The outcomes expected by the client from the review process was to ensure that the technical implementation and design of the BMS met its system and software requirements.
  • Department of Defence - Connexxion was required to provide an Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Solution in response to the vision of the Executive. This was to create a work environment to support business “Any Time Any Where”, that complied with the departments governance requirements. Connexxion was engaged to provide an EPM solution based on Microsoft’s EPM product suite (Microsoft Portfolio Manager, SharePoint and Project Server). The project delivered a solution that allows Defence project managers to collaboratively scope, plan and manage the implementation & delivery of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) tasks and projects on bases and sites within Defence. Delivery of the solution required design, configuration, deployment, user-training and support.
  • Federal Government - IT Assurance Project - In the context of projects being considered in the 2010-11 budget, the government agency engaged Connexxion to provide validation/assurance advice on the costs of ICT projects and their design. This advice was used to contribute to building the agency's expertise on the ICT projects with a view to manage implementation and fiscal risks relating to projects. Connexxion provided costing advice included in the NPP; program design advice in terms of Finance understanding and supporting two separate agencies to develop the best options to put to government and ongoing governance, should government want to go ahead (i.e. ongoing reporting governance issues) to feed into both the NPP, and Finance Green; and policy advice on the projects.
  • Commercial - Connexxion were chosen to provide a full Enterprise Architecture capability for a large commercial group of companies. Our project deliverables included reviewing all key business systems and processes across all group companies, recommend immediate areas for improvement and additionally provide a full 1-5 year systems roadmap to ensure the business harnesses technology to ensure they not only remain competitive but offer significant improvements to both clients and employees.

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