Service Centre

The Connexxion Service Centre is offered to clients who require ongoing support from Connexxion throughout the life of the application solution or infrastructure. We also have the ability to offer the Service Desk function as a delivery arm out to organisations who do not have their own Service Centre.

From self-service support to remote management and diagnostics, you can gain access to a skilled team of Service Centre specialists at Australian based locations to support your organisation.

The Service Desk Centre provides a central point of co-ordination for management of all projects and applications under support. The Service Centre provides a service that mitigates risk and highlights any issues that require resolution. A central co-ordination point means that your staff can reliably raise issues and ensure they will be responded to. Our Service Centre is structured around the ITIL methodology to ensure quality and efficient service delivery into the business.

Through the Service Centre Connexxion offers additional value to your organisation, as various trends and underlying problems can be identified, allowing remedial action to be approached in a proactive manner.

A single point of contact is an important feature of the Service Centre allowing resolution of issues on initial contact. This is achieved through the skills and knowledge of the Service Centre team which results in the best use of resources and delivery of quality outcomes.

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