Business Consultants

Do you have a project that needs a health check? Is it time to review the strategic direction of your organisation? Have you thought about mapping out your business and improving your productivity and profitability? Do you want an independent review of a product or service that you are unsure has delivered on its promises?

Connexxion's business consultants have a breadth and depth of knowledge and practical experience gained through working within and for numerous organisations in both the private and public sectors. We have assisted them to develop their business strategies, operationalise their strategies, plan and implement projects to achieve successful outcomes and to shape their technology environments to achieve their business objectives.

Our focus is on working with our clients to deliver superior solutions that ensure a positive return on investment and to reduce the cost of doing business.

As your trusted advisor, we help you to look at your business through fresh eyes. Our consultants will help you to develop a plan that focuses on building your business strengths and honing your skills. We help solve problems, improve strategic thinking, communications skills, create a business savvy culture and execute goals.

Areas of Expertise

Our Business Consultancy areas of expertise include:

  • Strategic Business Reviews
  • ​Project Health Checking
  • Business Intelligence
  • Organisational Redesign
  • Project Assurance Reviews
  • Verification and Validation
  • Process Re-engineering​
  • ICT Strategy Development
  • ROI Business Case Development
  • SharePoint Governance
  • Change Management
  • ​Business Analysis

Reference Projects

Connexxion's Business Consultants have successfully delivered the following projects:

  • Federal Government - Working as a specialist team with the Commonwealth Dept, Connexxion acted as an independent ICT expert, undertook a business case and procurement advisory review of the proposed multi-billion dollar single Whole of Government (WofG) Identity Authentication and Reliance Framework. This project was a proposed privacy compliant, citizen centric model being trialled by five Commonwealth departments across a cluster of 17 “life events” involving significant citizen interaction with government. The review identified a series of recommendations adopted to mitigate financial, procurement and implementation risk and was a key submission to the Deregulation report to the Commonwealth Management Advisory Committee, (latterly the Secretaries Board), as part of the WofG “Blueprint for the Reform of Australian Government Administration.
  • Federal Government - As an independent ICT expert, Connexxion undertook an external independent review of the 2nd Pass Business Case for a$1.55bn national ICT Service Delivery Reform project, This assignment specifically focused on the development of an independent external feasibility assessment and the creation of a risk based financial contingency model relevant to the identified project risk profile. The project involved the strategic merger of three major federal government departments and the underlying technical systems to provide a singe coordinated service delivery capability for the next 50+ years under the proposed organisational model. . The review identified a series of recommendations adopted to mitigate financial and implementation risk and was a key submission to the Expenditure Review Committee of Cabinet.
  • Federal Government - IT Assurance Project - In the context of projects being considered in the 2010-11 budget, the government agency engaged Connexxion to provide validation/assurance advice on the costs of ICT projects and their design. This advice was used to contribute to building the agency's expertise on the ICT projects with a view to manage implementation and fiscal risks relating to projects. Connexxion provided costing advice included in the NPP; program design advice in terms of Finance understanding and supporting two separate agencies to develop the best options to put to government and ongoing governance, should government want to go ahead (i.e. ongoing reporting governance issues) to feed into both the NPP, and Finance Green; and policy advice on the projects.
  • Defence - Working as a specialist team with the Defence Department, Connexxion was required to verify and validate the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisations BMS, including system coding and the day-today operation of the system. The detailed evaluation of the current system was to also identify recommendations and costed options for improving the system. The outcomes expected by the client from the review process was to ensure that the technical implementation and design of the BMS met its system and software requirements.

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