Are you looking to achieve greater productivity and profitability through innovative solutions? Do you wish to collaborate with other producers and expand into the global market place?

AgriTrace can help you improve your logistics chain from point-of-origin to purchaser through the combination of a centrally hosted database solution, operational commodities information, detailed quality control data, point to point commodity tracking and mobile capabilities. It opens up access to a data repository of commodities information that can be used to drive change and improve the market sector.

So whether you grow and sell produce, transport unique products or just want to aggregate commodities data for a number of subsidiaries, AgriTrace is the solution for you.​

Increased Profitability Through Improved Commodity Management

AgriTrace is an Australian designed and developed solution made specifically for the Australian Agriculture sector. It combines commodity management with food supply chain visibility and real-time traceability from paddock to plate.

The cloud based solution can be accessed from any browser or mobile device and brings buyers and sellers together in a global on-line marketplace.

AgriTrace is the heart of the ground-breaking solution that provides greater independence, stronger governance and increased quality assurance in the management of commodities.

Connecting Growers

AgriTrace gives growers a competitive edge by providing visibility of the entire food supply chain. AgriTrace is designed to provide unprecedented transparency throughout the total lifecycle of a product.

By increasing the efficiency of contracts, pricing, records and commodity handling, Agritrace assists growers to make informed decisions and to attract a broader spread of buyers. It does this by giving growers and buyers access to a data repository of commodities information that can be used to improve the grower experience.

Just in time delivery capability will reduce produce wastage which can then be converted into profits for everyone in the network and lower the overall cost to the buyer.

Food Security

AgriTrace makes food security a reality through:

  • Availability: improving availability through an open trading system.

  • Access: improving market access for growers by exposing their produce to a global market.

  • Utilisation: providing accurate information on the quality of the produce.

  • Stability: knowing what is coming to the market and when aids in maintaining food security at all times.

On Farm Management

AgriTrace is the total solution for growers using on-farm storage. It provides visibility of all commodity transactions through any type of storage container so the grower can make the right decisions at the right time. AgriTrace will warn the grower if they are going to exceed limits or if there is going to be a breach of a quarantine period. It is able to be linked to dynamic sensors so growers can be alerted to a change in quality as it is occurring.

Couple this with mobile technology and the grower is able to make informed decisions and the right transactions on commodities anywhere, anytime.

Harvest Management

AgriTrace allows growers to compare their annual agronomist plan with the realities of the harvest period. It provides a farm book of activities that should be done throughout the year. Maintaining this information ensures that the grower can compare and trend previous year's results to confirm they are getting value for money.

In a world of food security and traceability where knowing where a commodity has come from and what it has been exposed to during its lifecycle, accurate information is important. AgriTrace will set growers using the system apart from their competitors and improve product saleability as approved buyers will have access to the information.

Who Does AgriTrace Benefit

Primary Producers

  • Reduction in costs of logistics and transport through “just-in-time” collections
  • Supports independent and direct commodity sales, taking advantage of market drivers and open pricing
  • Reduced expenses through the use of on-site storage
  • Ability to operationalize and record your production planning activities as they occur, and use the information for better decision making in the future

Storage facilities / Warehouses

  • Risk reduction in information handling
  • Control who sees your information and how much of your commodity you wish to represent for sale
  • Full commodity tracking in and out of the facility
  • Secure hosting facility securing the sovereignty of data
  • Visual dashboard for faster decision making


  • Centralised database of information to reduce loan risks
  • Verification of product quality information, location and quantity
  • Asset assurance

Transportation agencies

  • Ability to track all commodities from one storage location to the next
  • Register of vehicles and drivers used
  • Inbuilt contracts register
  • Ability to integrate with existing logistics systems

Primary Producers

  • Reduction in transport and storage costs
  • Greater ability to gain finance from the assurance and security of commodity data
  • Risk mitigation from contracts, quality control and pricing management information
  • Ability to view the quantity and quality of commodities coming to market before the harvest and be the first to make an offer

Aid Organisations

  • Centralised database of information to ensure aid money is being used effectively
  • Ability to track commodities globally
  • Visual dashboard to see where funding is being used.

To read more about Commodities Management, please click here. Or you can read more about AgriTrace on the AgriTrace Website.

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