Quality Policy

Connexxion is a specialist Information & Communications Technology (ICT) consultancy and solution provider.

Connexxion’s vision is to be the market leader who provides superior business solutions that deliver exceptional value to our clients. Connexxion commits to:

  1. Maintain certification to the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard and continually improve our business processes and systems;

  2. Comply with statutory obligations, specifications and codes of practice relevant to quality management;

  3. Deliver responsive consistent solutions and services;

  4. Produce outcomes that have tangible value for our clients;

  5. Create enduring trust based relationships;

  6. Partner with organisations that have a desire to create value driven outcomes for our clients; and

  7. Develop innovative solutions that help organisations to achieve their business goals.

This Quality Policy is reviewed on an as needed basis to assist Connexxion in achieving our Quality Objectives. Any improvements identified from this review will be included in the Quality Policy to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the company and its people.

Quality objectives

Connexxion’s objectives enable us to assist our clients in achieving their business goals through innovative business solutions and responsible management of their ICT environments.

Objectives ensure Connexxion is meeting our own and our customer expectations with respect to time, profitability, availability, suitability and commitment to efficient service delivery.

Connexxion’s quality objectives are:

  1. Connexxion is committed to the safety, health & wellbeing of our employees;

  2. Reviewing and monitoring of the Quality Management System and any continual improvement initiatives;

  3. Connexxion strives to deliver projects as efficiently and cost effectively as possible while developing the most efficient methods of responding to quotations and tenders;

  4. Monitoring customer feedback to ensure expectations and needs are met;

  5. Meeting customer expectations with respect to defect and warranty claims;

  6. Responding to Service desk incidents in a timely and efficient manner; and

  7. Ensuring key billable hours are in line with expectations of our clients.

Regular reporting on our key objectives ensures that Connexxion are on track to deliver our products and services to our customers’ expectations.