Who We Are

Connexxion is the proven and preferred ICT solutions provider to a variety of government and private organisations. We offer a range of software, services and consultants to fill a wide variety of needs with an emphasis on innovation without over-complication

It is our belief that passion leads to satisfaction, and through it we will strive to lead the way in the ICT industry.

What we do

Connexxion helps businesses improve their performance by harnessing innovative and proven technology solutions.

We are committed to providing quality ICT software, services and consultants to meet the demands of today’s competitive and complex business environments. Our goal is to enable clients to understand their present and future ICT needs and to deliver outcomes that fulfil these needs and provide significant, tangible benefits to the organisation.

Connexxion is not challenged by the size or complexity of the project as we develop and implement anything from simple mobile apps to cross-domain federated business applications, and everything in between. We strongly believe that the adoption of our ICT solutions will lower productivity costs and minimise risk for our clients.

Sharing our success

At Connexxion, we believe that how we do business is almost as important as what we do. We are confident in our ability to engage with all key stakeholders including clients, partners and employees to deliver solutions to the highest possible standard. It is our belief that partnerships build stronger business bonds and through them we will lead the way in delivering superior business solutions. Through this collaborative engagement model and open communication, a transfer of knowledge to our clients occurs. This ensures that they can support themselves post-implementation should they choose to, resulting in reduced cost of ownership.